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david t

43 Male from Australia

Scored 12 submissions with an average score of 4.17




My History

02 January 2009


david t  and NomadicDreamer are now friends

02 December 2008


david t  commented on "Pixel Monsters & Freaks"

"Coolio! Great design...."


david t  commented on "Tortoiseshell Farm"

"Check out a high res version of this at<a href="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3148/3070019865_72d57fe23e_b.jpg">flickr</a>..."


david t  uploaded new design Tortoiseshell Farm

25 November 2008


david t  and flying mouse are now friends

20 November 2008


david t  commented on "Rabbit Shadow Puppet"

"Thanks for the comments!..."


david t  commented on "The Doctor Is In!"

"Love this Design!..."

14 November 2008


david t  and againstbound are now friends

13 November 2008


david t  wrote new blog "My First Design"

"Hello people. Is it just me or does it seem a little quite around here? Anyway I'm new here and this is my first design for this website: Rabbit ..."


david t  commented on "Grandfather Clock"

"Nice idea...."


david t  commented on "the pills"

"really great... though maybe on a darker tee?..."


david t  commented on "The Great Discovery"

"This is fantastic...."


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