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Help: Profile and Social


How do I submit photographs?

itself would like to see and share your satisfaction with its products. It is important for itself to have you submit your photographs taken with the products you purchased. You can upload your photographs through Myself > Photos > Upload Photos. For each submitted photograph you earn 1 itself-coin. You can only upload a single photo for each item you buy. However if your photograph gets selected by our editors for the slideshow on the Commune page you will earn 10 itself-coins.


What's an avatar and how can I upload one?

As well as photographs you can upload an avatar for your profile. Avatar will be your visual identity, appearing next to all your activities throughout the website. Avatar photographs don't need to be product-based. You can upload your avatar through Myself > Photos > Upload avatar as long as it is within the regulations stated in the Terms of Use.

It is important to note that you can't earn itself-coins by uploading avatar photographs.


What happens when I add someone as a Contact?

When you add someone as a Contact and when he/she accepts your request you will appear in each other's Contacts list. You can reach this list through Myself > Lists > My Contacts. You will be able to follow your contacts' activities from the 'What's going on?' section in your 'Myself' page and vice versa. You can block your contacts from seeing your activities on their 'What's going on?' section through Myself > Account > Settings > Privacy settings. However your contacts can still follow your activities through your 'My History' section in your profile.


What happens when I add someone as a Favourite?

On your Favourites list, you can add people whose designs and/or blogs you enjoy following. When you add someone as a favourite they will appear in Myself > Lists > Favourites. Your additions will appear in the 'What's going on?' and 'My History' sections of your profile.


What happens when I add someone to the Ignore List?

When you ignore someone you will not be receving any friend requests and messages from this person and your profile will appear as a private profile to him/her eventhough it's a public profile.


How do I reccomend itself to other people?

You can send/copy/attach the link at the Share itself section in your "Myself" page to your friends.

You will earn itself-coins eaqch time this recommendation finalizes with a purchase. In other words, you will earn itself-coins when your friends make their purchases using the link you provided.

The amount of itself-coins you'll earn will depend on the number of items bought per order, through your recommendation: 2 itself-coins for 1-5 items, 5 itself-coins for 6-9 items and 10 itself-coins for 10+ items. (It is worth noting that making purchases using your own recommendation link will not earn you any itself-coins)