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Help: Design Contest


How to collaborate with itself?

itself aims to bring together talented people and collaborate with them. If you'd like to shape the brand "itself", submit your design and we'll get in touch ASAP. Your design may become the next itself product!

You need to upload your designs through the template you will find in the Design section and accept the Design Submission Terms.

You can choose the colour of the t-shirt you're designing from the 32 colour options provided. Your designs are to include 6 colours at most. You can download the t-shirt template to your computer, prepare your design and upload it back on the website.


Why is my design not approved?

Your design may not necessarily be approved due to duplication of your own previously unprinted or design with minor alterations, use of copyrighted material, plagiarism, technical impossibilities for printing and a general lack of conceptual compatibility with itself. There are also some technical design issues you have to take into consideration. If your design isn’t approved don’t lose hope. Try again and make sure all ethical and technical requirements are fulfilled.