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Help: Coins


What is an itself-coin?

itself-coin is a special currency that you earn through your activities within the website. 1 itself-coin is equal to 1 USD.


How do I earn itself-coins?

There are two ways to earn itself-coins:

1. As itself would like to see and share your satisfaction with its products, you can upload photographs of yourself taken with the items you’ve purchased from us. You can upload only 1 photograph per item, and for each photograph you will earn 1 itself-coin which is equal to $1. However if your photograph gets selected by our editors for the slideshow on the Commune page you will earn 5 itself-coins. (It is worth noting that uploading avatars do not earn you any itself-coins)

2. You can also earn itself-coins by recommending itself to your friends. You can send/copy/attach the link at the Share itself section in your ‘Myself’ page to your friends. You will earn itself-coins each time this recommendation finalizes with a purchase. In other words, you will earn 1 itself-coin for each item purchased through the link you provided. (It is worth noting that making purchases using your own recommendation link will not earn you any itself-coins). Moreover, each time a designer uses your link to submit a design that eventually gets to be printed, 250 itself-coins will be transferred to your account.


How do I use my itself-coins?

To use your itself-coins for a purchase, you just need to choose the amount of itself-coins you wish to use while checking out. You can only use itself-coins at an amount of 10 and its multiples. For example, if you have 19 itself-coins, you can only use 10 of them and so on.

The amount of coins equal to the price of your purchase will be decreased from your total. You can use a maximum of 100 coins at once.

Shipping costs cannot be covered with itself-coins.

itself-coins cannot be changed into cash at the moment. Any changes in the itself-coin policy will be announced through the website.