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itself t-shirts

You're here to get yourself a wonderful itself t-shirt with a design you love and enjoy wearing. But you're still in need of a bit more persuasion? Ok then, here's why the itself t-shirt you're about to buy is so special.

First of all, itself t-shirts are made from 100% cotton fabric manufactured with high quality combed cotton threads. You'll understand what that means when you feel the silky touch your t-shirt provides you when you put it on.

Then comes the shape. Have you been looking for a comfortable, nice looking, wide necked t-shirt that will let your neck bones show themselves? Yeah? With well-fitting arms, wide and open necks – that don't make you look as if you're being strangled by what you're wearing – and nicely hanging shapes, the itself t-shirts will provide you with what you've been looking for all this time. Not to mention the printed tab that will put an end to all that ithcing and those irritated necks.

And finally, the unique designs will be available as limited edition products, at a maximum of 6000 prints worldwide. Thus, unlike those of mass production the chance of you coming across the same itself product will be almost impossible.

You will also enjoy the benefits of itself's 100% involvement in the whole process of production, from the selection of the fabrics to modelling and the manufacturing of the t-shirts.

Hands-on production

What more can one ask for when it comes to choosing a great t-shirt to buy. All of the above? Yes. That's why itself t-shirts are so special...

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