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Hereitself.com Terms Of Use

Updated Jan 25, 2008

Please read the terms below before using the site. These terms are binding for site use and shopping for users and visitors at Hereitself.com (hereinafter referred as "itself"). By using the site, you agree to these terms of use, if you do not agree, do not use the site.


  itself retains the right to update the terms of this agreement at any time, without any prior information or notice by announcing the changes from this page. You should visit this page from time to time to check the changes made. By using or visiting the site, you signify that you agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement. itself holds the right to take any necessary precaution against visitors and users who act in breach of the agreement.

Ownership of site content

  All rights of the software and designs at itself are reserved. All materials on the site including but not limited to site content, software or HTML code, scripts, texts, photographs, images, designs, videos and audio files (hereinafter referred as "content") belong to itself. The use of logo, name and designs that belong to itself are strictly forbidden and are protected by international copyright laws.

  The content of this site is solely for non-commercial, personal use. You may download or copy its content only for your personal use. Your downloading or copying of this content gives you no right over this content. Multiplication, reproduction, sale or participation of the sale of this content is strictly forbidden. The use of the site for commercial or marketing purposes is also strictly forbidden.

User's contribution to content

  All rights of all comments, feedback, ideas and observations, all manners of text, data, photographs, images, videos, music, sounds and files (hereinafter referred as "user submission") belong to itself.

  The user is solely responsible for user submissions. The user can not publish any type of illegal information which constitutes a crime, or which creates a situation in breach of regional and national laws or international agreements (content that promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm against individuals or groups, informative about illegal activities, in breach of the confidentiality rights or intellectual property rights of third persons, content which constitutes any manner of defamation, profanity, crime, pornography, obscenity etc.). The user can not publish personal information of persons under the age of eighteen (18) and cannot use itself for her/his commercial purposes. itself accepts no responsibility regarding any problem arising from this type of user submission. In the event of any problem arising from any user submission, the respondent of any other user is not itself but the person who posted the related submission.

  However, all user submissions becomes the property of itself after being submitted to the site. itself has the right to reproduce, multiply, use and broadcast all or part of these worldwide in any media for promotion and marketing purposes. This right is valid until the user deletes or removes the submission from the site. itself reserves the right to remove user submissions from the site and to block the access of the user who has broadcast the submission to the site without prior notice.

  itself has the right to statistically use the personal information entered by users for various reasons but will not disclose such information to third persons and institutions (for more detailed information please see Privacy Policy).


  Although itself is open to visits by persons under the age of eighteen (18), creation of accounts, participation in competitions and fields including cash prizes are only open to persons of 18 years of age and over. Creating an account at itself is discretionary. You may create an account by entering an e-mail address and a password. All personal information entered while creating an account must be complete and accurate. All action within the account and therefore the security of the password and the account are under the responsibility of the user. In the event that it is determined that action within the account is in breach of the terms of use or in the event that suspicion arises that the account information is inaccurate, itself reserves the right to cancel the account without prior notice. If you suspect any unauthorized entry to your account, please contact us at the shortest possible notice.

  When a user creates an account and is included on the mailing list, itself has the right to send information mails for promotion and marketing purposes from time to time. When you close your account, all your personal information including your e-mail address and all your user submissions are deleted from the system.

Links to other web sites

  itself is not responsible for links within the site that belong to third persons or institutions and the content and security of sites visited via these links. itself cannot be held accountable for damage caused by visits made to these sites.


  itself products are only sold through the web site. Sale prices of all products at the site are in US dollars. Although itself tries to keep errors to a minimum, there may be typographical errors regarding product promotion and pricing on the site. itself is not responsible of misunderstandings stemming from these errors. However, itself retains the right to correct and update these errors. Although itself makes an effort to reproduce product colors in the best manner possible, it does not take responsibility for color differences as they appear on computer screens.

  itself retains the right to cancel the order if it suspects the authenticity of the personal and/or financial information of any user.

Breach of terms of use

  Please inform us of any breach of these terms of use. In the event of a breach caused by user submissions and/or behavior, please send an e-mail to the address info at hereitself.com stating the reason of your complaint and the link of the page where the related breach has occurred. In such event, itself will investigate the situation and implement the necessary precaution and/or sanctions.

Copyright breach

  itself respects other persons' property rights and expects its users to show the same respect. If you think your property rights are being breached via itself, please contact us immediately by sending an e-mail to the address info at hereitself.com

All disputes arising out of or in connection with your activities within Hereitself.com shall be resolved by Istanbul courts and execution offices.